Hydroponics is a method in which plants grow in a liquid solution without the use of soil. The concept is that plants are cultivated in water with the necessary balanced nutrients. This indoor system is a perfect, effortless solution, even if you don’t have green fingers!

What are the advantages of hydroponics over normal soil?

  • Fewer soilborne pests, diseases and soil acidification
  • No repotting required
  • Easy to maintain due to the longer watering cycle
  • Longer-lasting plants
  • Possibility to adjust the water supply if necessary
  • Less guesswork when watering thanks to the water level indicator

You can request a quote for a ready-made combination of ornamental pots and plants via info@greendev.be. These all-in-one concepts differ in value and in the number of plants that are used. The Standard, Deluxe or Premium versions are not for rent, they can only be purchased.

You can choose from: