Green walls

A Living Green Wall

This living green wall is not only extremely decorative, it also improves the living environment.

Why Green Walls?

Green is good for many things. It’s good for the soul as well as for the indoor environment, it promotes health, well-being and attracts customers.
A plant wall is the optimal way to ensure the working environment, well-being and health in a way that fit extremely well into the modern architecture which is often characterized by steel, concrete and glass.

Below you find an overview of some of the environmental benefits.

  • Improved indoor environment with increased humidity
  • Reduced noise
  • A soothing organic environment
  • Reduced stress and absenteeism

The Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system means 100% control of the watering, avoids drying out the top plants and over-watering the lower ones.

The built-in water reservoir at the bottom of the pot ensure the plants only need watering approx. every three weeks.

If the water level rises above the edge of the water reservoir, the water is drained through a grate to the overflow pipe that connects all the pots.

Any surplus water from one plant does not flow to other plants in the wall. This prevents the spread of any diseases and avoids over-watering.

The irrigation method makes the system very reliable and ensures optimal growth conditions for the plants, whatever their location in the plant wall..

Mounting of formwork for fastening the back wall.

The completed mounted plant wall – In this picture it is with a graphite aluminium frame.

Setting up the back wall using waterproof sheets.

Pots are clicked into the rails.

Rails are mounted, drip hoses are inserted and finished with fittings.

The selected plants come already planted.

The drip irrigation system is tested.

Sustainable and Patented System

This Green Wall is a new and ground-breaking solution when it comes to strengthening the green environment in companies and public spaces.

It's unique, sustainable and reliable system was patented in 2014.

A high level of ambition in the development process has resulted in a system which distinguishes itself in three main areas:


  • 100 % waterproof and clean


  • low water and energy consumption, recyclable materials


  • lLong service life and flexible, intelligent design

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    Decorative Plant Columns

    Place the plant column e.g. in a corner, as a decoration in the middle of the room or use it as a room divider. The options are many as the plant columns are customized.


    The design and choice of plants are tailored to suit your individual demands. The combination of the more than 40 different plants offer colour variation and different structures in the column.


    Our pots are made from recycled plastic (polypropylene) and supplied in green or black.

    Would You Like to Know More...?

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    Size of the Plant Columns

    • The plant columns are offered in sizes from 1 to 12 meters.

    Amount of Plants

    • Plant columns are supplied with 15 plants per meter.

    Diameter of a plant column

    • The diameter of a plant column is 40 cm.

    Growing Medium

    • The plants are planted in a pumice-zeolite blend. However, the system is also suited for lava pebble and soil.


    • The maximum weight of the plant column is 30 kg per meter (including plants, growing medium and water).

    Mobile Plant Wall Systems

    The mobile plant walls use the same unique irrigation system as the other systems.

    This solution, however, is easy to move around the room or the office and works as a natural shield.

    Besides being decorative and alive you derive many advantages from a mobile plant wall, e.g. noise reduction, increased humidity and a better indoor environment.

    • Needs no power, water supply or water drain
    • Easy plant change
    • Supplied in many RAL colours
    • Concealed wheels